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Richard Brown
Joanne Burnell
Donna Bushey
James Bushey
Karen Bushey
Mark Bushey
Wayne Bushey
Mary Cadieux
William Campbell
Marc Cantell
Greg Carpentar
Brian Casavant
Cheryl Chadwick
Julie Chadwick
Bruce Chagnon
Gary Choiniere
Jack Cioffi
Alberta Clement
Mike Corocran
Steven Coleman
Tammy Conger
Jill Corliss
Ralph Cote
Danny Cyr
Johnna Daignault
Maurice Dansereau
Cindy Dashno
Denise Desjardins
Mary Deslauriers
Doug Dewey
Lisa Domina
Sandy Dominque
Frank Dowling


Yearbook Trivia -

Who is in the yearbook twice?

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