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Prophecy - 2004
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Prophecy - Year 2004
Finally, here we are! The Class of 1979 together for one night. It is good to see everybody again. Let's walk around and see what everyone is like now.

Well, who's that? Oh, it VICKY STERRETT. She's changed her hair style to blond and wavy. She's hoping that blonds have more fun.

Wow! LARRY MURPHY has really Changed! He's the lead singer in the punk rock group " The Sex Pistols". His first gold album in entitled "The Flight of the B-2 Bomber."

SUE MCGILL, known as the ex-Short Stop Queen, is now President of the Mike Corcoran Fan Club.

BARB LAREAU is on a corner, lecturing on how to find the good life.

DAWN MYERS is still having a difficult time figuring out such movies as Animal House. Well, Dawn, EYM.

Say, who's that great looking guy? It's NORMAN SALTER. He's now the had photographer for Playboy magazine. Hang in there, Norman.

There's RACHEL MONTAGNE! She's still asking me if we'll put her idea of a prophecy in our yearbook. Sorry, Rachel.

There's GEORGE GREENIA. He can't stay long! Pam couldn't find a babysitter, so he came alone.

LAURIE LEDOUX, just stepped in. She just returned from Rome where she's painting the ceilings of the Vatican. When asked how she was doing, Laurie replied, "Well, the paint in my eyes makes it a little difficult to see."

ELLEN PERRY has also become very industrious. She has just set a new speed record for the St. Albans Town Industril Park Course. When asked how she accomplished it, she said. "It's all in the little brown bottle."

DEBBIE SMITH has brought an extra copy of her new book along. The name of it is, "How to Keep Your Camper Warm and Cozy after Someone Has Left."

KATHY KENYON is still looking for that cerain address in New Hampshire... Where are you Fred? or is it Dave? ... or John?

Well, there's MARTHA MERCURE! She still doesn't know everything. (or is it anything?)

Martha just told us that JILL CORLISS and Scott just had their fifth set of twins.

SCOTT BIGELOW came alone tonight because Ren is home keeping the nest warm.

I wonder if the BOCASH cousins are coming tonight? Oh, excuse me, Tammy's an Ashton, now KEVIN's still a Bocash.

PETER BOUCHARD is now The Conductor of the McDonald band.

We're glad to see MAUREEN BRANON here tonight. She says that she hopes Bobby will be able to get back for the wedding.

MARY BROUILLETTE and LAURIE L'ESPERANCE have started the first women's pro basketball league.

There's RICK BROWN over by the punch bowl. Never coudl leave that stuff alone.

JACK CIOFFI and SHERRY DUKAS are married now. They've opened their own chain of Chinese Restaurants.

Wow! The band's really good tonight. DAVID DUPRAT and RALPH COTE are providing the music.

AMY VALLEE has her own gas station. She calls it "The Pigsion Coop."

There's GREG GARCEAU sitting at the head table! Stand up so we can see you, Greg! Oh, you are standing up.

ALLEN HEMOND's outside refereeing a fight.

Disco DEBBIE KELLEY has opened her new disco called, "Disco with Deb."

MICHELLE LAROCHE has just won an Emmy for her superb acting in her lastest movie.

And KELLY SWAN still want to know "Who is that Guy!"

And here is LOREN POIRER! He has just finished college with a 4.0 average in English. When asked to comment about his degree he replied, "Eat your heart out!"

Well, here's somebody who hasn't changed. It's DAVE HOWRIGAN! I see the cops have still not caught up with him. His lastest offense is driving everywhere but the road.

Where's JANA HEALD? Oh, she's gone to call her Grandmother to say that she'll be staying out a little late.

I see where KAREN WEBSTER and BARB HALL are. I saw them up in Mr. Emerson's room going through the Biology Books to look at the pictures.

MAREEN O'BRIEN couldn't come tonight. She's doing 20 years in jail for harboring a "Dud".

DAVID BERNO is a millionaire now. He's playing football in the fall, hockey in the winter and baseball in the summer. All-pro! What a body!

MARK ASHTON is the coach of the BFA hockey team this year. They, of course have won the State Championship again.

DAVE KAYE couldn't make it this year. Of course, we all know he was elected President of the United States. We're all proud of you, Dave!

Who is that? Can it be? It's BILL HUNGERFORD. He has followed in his Dad's tire tracks and taken over the car business.

RITA NORTON is still twitching. The cold lake water must have done something to her nerves.

PEG JUSTICE is constantly looking upward. She's watching out for U.F.O's in the cafeteria.

PEGGY WALKER has just finished eating her millionth McDonald's pickle.

CC Better know as TAMMY BELTRAM has just opened a new string of all night car washes.

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